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Visit Several villas in SriLanka

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SriLanka Villas Site Inspection

Nice to meet you in Sri-Lanka, My name is Tharindu Hasanka and I work for Puri Asia SriLanka since January 2018. I have lived in Sri-Lanka all my life and I am very proud of my wonderful country. I live in the small village Bentota, on the West Coast. The West Coast has wonderful beaches, is famous for the lush nature and turtle farms. I would like to tell you more about my country another time. Now I telll you about my trip to Galle.

Galle is an old ford, build by the Dutch in the 17th century. Besides the remainings from the Duth, there are many other things to see. The street of Galle are great to stroll along and visit the many handcraft and art shops. However, I went there to visit a few villa’s and meet with the local manager. The road from Bentota to Galle along the coast is about 1 hour, so I was glad my friend Sanju could join me.

We met our local manager Mr. Charit at the Sichuwatta villa. The Sichuwatta villa has an astounding view over the ocean. From the sunbeds you can look over the pool into the depth of the ocean. The garden is well kept and very peaceful. The atmosphere of the villa is antique. Five bedrooms make it suitable for medium groups of families. The villa was very tidy and well maintained. The staff was is friendly and can also do take care of the transport of the guests.

The next villa was the Kumara villa. The Kumara makes you feel like a king! Everything is so luxurious and beautiful. The garden is really big with a lawn, plants and trees all around. My favourite place would be in the relaxed chairs, overlooking the garden.. The trees all around make the villa and garden very private. There are three bedrooms. The villa has a wonderful mix of modern and antique style. This villa is very well suited for a family or smaller group.

The last villa we visited today was the Ivory Villa. This villa is situated in a peaceful surrounding near the village of Angulugaha. It is build in a typical antique Sri-Lankan style. There are four bedrooms, a dining and living room. I would like to watch a movie on the big screen with some close friends, in the well decorated living room. I think the villa would be great to enjoy with family and friends.

In the Ivory Villa the staff welcomed us with cool drinks and an unexpected lunch. We had a very enjoyable chat with Mr Charit. I look forward to bring guests to one of these idyllic and luxurious villas!

All villa’s we visited are situated near Galle. Galle is about two and a half hour drive from the airport. Transport to and from the airport and numerous trips can be arranged.

Tharindu Hansaka

Product Specialist  – Sri Lanka

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